• Aptos launched its mainnet and listed on major exchanges, only to experience a steep price decline shortly afterwards.
• InQubeta stands out with sound fundamentals such as its deflationary tokenomics model, crowdfunding marketplace, and staking dApp.
• Industry experts and analysts are optimistic about the potential of QUBE tokens, projecting that it could experience a 5x increase in value over time.

Aptos’ Rocky Start

Aptos made headlines in the crypto world with its mainnet launch and subsequent listing on major exchanges like Binance, FTX, and Coinbase. The anticipation surrounding its listing led to a surge in its price within minutes, only to be followed by a steep decline. Aptos reached an astonishing $100 before plummeting to its current trading price of just under $6. The token’s trading volume has also dwindled since its initial hype. However, the reception of Aptos has been far from positive, with many critics highlighting the lack of a published tokenomics scheme before its listing. The exchanges that chose to list Aptos faced heavy criticism as well. These factors have contributed to Aptos’ rocky start in the market.

InQubeta Stands Out

In contrast, InQubeta has garnered significant hype and is unlikely to suffer a similar fate as Aptos. The project distinguishes itself through real-life applications and use cases that provide the token with genuine utility and value. InQubeta has developed a range of features that contribute to its potential for long-term growth and stability.

Robust Tokenomics

One of the key strengths of InQubeta is its robust tokenomics. The token operates on a deflationary model, which means that a portion of each transaction is burned, reducing the overall supply and potentially increasing the token’s scarcity over time. This deflationary mechanism can act as a positive driver for the token’s value, benefiting early investors.

Crowdfunding Marketplace

           InQubeta has established a crowdfunding marketplace that connects AI startups with potential investors. This platform serves as a hub for discovering and supporting innovative AI projects. By investing in QUBE tokens, investors gain access to this ecosystem and can participate in the growth and success of these startups. The crowdfunding marketplace adds value to the token and creates a supportive community of AI enthusiasts and entrepreneurs..

Staking dApp

                                       Additionally, InQubeta plans to launch a staking dApp that allows token holders to stake their QUBE tokensand earn rewards . Staking provides an avenue for investors to earn passive income while contributingto the stabilityand securityof thenetwork . This feature adds another layerof utilityto QUBE tokensand incentivizeslong-termholding .

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