• Mutiny Wallet, a web-first bitcoin wallet, has raised just over $300,000 in preseed funding.
• Founders of the company include Tony Giorgio, Ben Carman, and Paul Miller.
• The company is focusing on building a user-friendly bitcoin wallet with exceptional privacy, scalability and accessibility.

Mutiny Wallet Raises Preseed Funding

Mutiny Wallet, a web-first bitcoin wallet, has raised just over $300,000 in preseed funding to help them build a “user-friendly bitcoin wallet with exceptional privacy, scalability and accessibility.” This money will help the team of founders which includes Tony Giorgio (an engineer with experience in Bitcoin and Lightning startups since 2018), Ben Carman (formerly the lead engineer at The Bitcoin Company) and Paul Miller (who previously worked on Voltage’s R&D team).

Focus On User Experience

Mutiny Wallet’s goal is to create a daily spending wallet for “highly discerning cypherpunk bitcoiners and their newcoiner friends who are just starting down the rabbit hole.” The company is focused on creating an easy to use product that integrates on-chain and Lightning privacy tools as well as offers an instant onboarding process that is platform censorship resistant. To do this they have developed a proof-of-concept wallet as well as their own next generation node implementation tailored specifically for Mutiny Wallet.

Investors & Incubators

The investors behind Mutiny Wallet include Ten31, Brad Mills, Chris Hunter, American Hodl, Ti Kawamoto and NVK while they are also thankful to Voltage for incubating their project. In addition to these investors the company has also developed Vortex CoinJoin which was created by Ben Carman but needs vertical integration to really succeed.

User Best Practices

The team behind Mutiny Wallet believes that “bitcoiner best practices are best practices” and wants to bring “the absolute best user experience and technology to enable users to use bitcoin the right way and for the long term” rather than cutting corners for quick wins. They want make it easy for people to understand how privacy works when using cryptocurrency as well as how it can be used safely on both chain level or through lightning networks.

Sign Up For Waitlist

To learn more about Mutiny Wallet you can watch their Pleb Lab Builders Day video or sign up for their waitlist using your email address or Nostr pubkey at https://app.mutinywallet.com

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